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Hi, I'm Susan.

  • Author of Buried Talents and a new novel forthcoming!

  • Professor of Psychology at Campbellsville University.

  • Lover of Ski.

My Story

After speaking about gendered socialization at a conference, one of the attendees asked me if I had written any books on the subject. It wasn’t the first time I had been asked that question. But it was the first time I paused to ask myself what would prevent me from doing so. And now – I couldn’t be more excited that my first book, Buried Talents: Overcoming Gendered Socialization to Answer God’s Call, will be released by InterVarsity Press in April of 2022.

While Buried Talents is my first book, I have written numerous articles and spoken in classrooms, at conferences, with friends, family, and at church – basically with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen! – about the importance of following our own gifts and calling rather than letting others dictate to us which pursuits are gender appropriate.

Thankfully my job provides many opportunities to do just that. I am a psychologist and faculty member at Campbellsville University in Kentucky where I’ve taught since 1994. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that I have the privilege of teaching the gender studies course. There I get to introduce students to the many ways gendered socialization impacts their personal and occupational decisions. I count it an honor to help them gain a broader perception of their own abilities and the options available to them.

A career at CU is especially meaningful as this is my undergraduate alma mater where I first studied psychology and where I met Dwayne, my husband of almost 40 years. As Dwayne is a Baptist minister, we have worked throughout our married life to create more inclusive communities in the congregations we’ve served.

We have two grown children, Katelyn and Patrick, who have always given us great hope for the next generation of women and men. We also have a beagle named Doc. He doesn’t understand equality, but fully supports this book and its message.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Copper, Jerry and Doc.

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